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Distance: 7.5 mi
Drive time: 16 minutes

Gelt Woods is a 7.2 kilometer long looped trail. It runs along the beautiful Gelt river and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking. The wood is an RSPB nature reserve and contains a rock with an inscription carved by a Roman soldier in the 3rd Century.

Running alongside the trail is a quarry that was chiselled out by Roman Engineers 1800 years ago. The stone from the quarry was used to build and repair Hadrian's Wall. Along the face of the quarry are the marks left by the quarrymen's chisels. 

The Eden Rivers Trust describes Gelt Wood as "A walk in the footsteps of border raiders, with ancient woodland, a railway viaduct, a red sandstone gorge, a Roman quarry and and a wild magical river."

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